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نتيجة بحث الصور عن ‪FITNESS FADS‬‏
Do any of you have that specific companion who purchases all the most recent planting trends? 

These may incorporate protein shakes, supplements, detox's and so on… Friends who go "Vegetarian" since they heard you will free weight in the event that you don't eat any creature deliver… Who bounce on the temporary fad when they hear you can not exclusively do yoga in ordinary temperatures (exceptionally useful) however now you can do it in a singing hot room which gives you a terrible cerebral pain only for no particular reason! (medical advantages almost no) Or maybe they become tied up with all the 'free a stone in seven days' DVDs or Youtube recordings, taking after the strides of the individuals who wonderfully got a six pack overnight after voracious boozing for as far back as year…

We as a whole have those companions… and if your companions with me… then you additionally have THAT companion! Yes, I am that individual. I vary in the activity I like, the sustenances I like, the supplements I take and even the identities that I take after on Twitter, Youtube and so forth. 

I don't vacillate on the grounds that I'm stupid, naive and trust they will really work, but since I need to take in more of these themes. Along these lines I teach myself, to experiment with my body, so once I've finished a significant measure of time and research on a particular brand or item, I can transfer it back to you folks so you don't commit similar errors or waste your cash on prevailing fashion items that don't work. More worried than cash I'd get a kick out of the chance to help keep you from putting your bodies under pointless anxiety. Keep in mind our bodies are a sanctuary!

Remember not all “on trend” fitness products and workouts are necessarily fads. There are a lot of beneficial products out there for us. So as fitness fanatic Im going to blog about all the areas of health and fitness that I experience. Please leave me a comment if you’ve read my blogs and agree or disagree. Feedback always welcome!!
A heads up, future blogs will include reviews of:
  • PHD: Diet Whey Protein
  • PHD for Women: Recover & Rebuild Protein
  • Gold Standard: Casein Protein
  • CLA: weight loss supplement
  • L-Carnitine: Weight loss supplement
  • Quest Nutrition: Quest Bars
  • 14 day TeaTox
  • Wheyhey Protein Icecream
  • CocoPro Protein Coconut water